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several blue bags are lined up on a shelf in front of a window with blinds
5 Hands-On Post Office Preschool Theme Unit Activities
5 Hands-On Post Office Preschool Theme Unit Activities
small popsicles are lined up on the grass
Postal popsicles
DIY popsicle postcards. With step-by-step photo tutorial and video instructions by She Knows. Easy project made with pool noodles.
four paper plates with sticky notes attached to them
Community worker-Mailman
Mailman activity for toddlers. Deliver the mail. :)
the free printable post office play set is perfect for kids to practice their handwriting and writing skills
Post Office Play - Free Printable Play Set
Post Office Play - use our free printables to set up your own post office complete with stamps and personal letter boxes!
four mail envelopes with different colored stamps on them
Post Office Colour and Number Sorting
Post Office Colour and Number Sorting
a cardboard box shaped like an old school bus
Dramatic Play for preschool and 4K The children painted the box and cut out circles for the tires! We added postal uniforms, letters, US Postal bins, cash register and boxes. This is an extension from our transportation unit, so that we could incorporate more writing.
an envelope and mail in a brown bag on a table with a blue usps sticker
Kids' Crafts
Follows these step-by-step instructions to make a mail bag craft using a paper bag, perfect for children 3 years and up.
a child's playroom with yellow walls and blue bins
Dramatic play post office for preschool
Dramatic play post office for preschool by sonja
post office activities for preschoolers that are fun and easy to do with the kids
Post Office and Mailing Activities for Preschool - Pre-K Pages
Post Office Activities for Preschool. Learn about the post office and mail at home or in your preschool classroom with these fun activities.
a blue table with a sign that says post office
The Jolly postman post office :)
an office with mail boxes and post office signs on the walls, in front of a blue wall
Post office dramatic play
the wall is covered with red bags and pictures
art and soul preschool
Valentine's Day Post Office art and soul preschool
two mailboxes are sitting next to each other on the floor in an office
Preschool post office