some type of business cards on top of each other with the words ludwig schroder
Ludwig Schröder
an empty bottle next to a yellow box with writing on it and a white cap
Kindred Black’s Earthy Look is Artsy Beauty Shop on the Outside, Witchy Apothecary on the Inside
Ania et Lucie nail a very interesting, almost anachronistic balance in their work for Kindred Black. The luxurious slow beauty brand takes a unique, super witchy approach to plastic-free products by putting all their fancy wares in bottles that look straight out of Baba Yaga’s woodside cabin (if you know, you know).
two yellow containers sitting on top of a bed next to each other
Tieut Real Sensation Is Bringing Gender Neutrality To Condoms
Tieut Real Sensation Is Bringing Gender Neutrality To Condoms | Dieline - Design, Branding & Packaging Inspiration
a single yellow flower is shown in the foreground
ghost | Elizabeth.Mary | Flickr
an advertisement for a store opening party
an advertisement for oohre is shown in this image
a drawing of food on a striped background
Les Fruits - Illustration by Casa Ocra
two pieces of paper that are on top of a yellow surface with the words h4b770 printed on it
Hey Objeto
Hey Objeto - Fonts In Use
a yellow book with the title la deesse written in black on it's cover
Regular Practice | ORRIS Paris
the logo for brana's toast is shown in red on yellow paper with an orange border
Breana´s Toast — bakery
an open book with the words nopalera written in black and gold on it