four different colored envelopes sitting next to each other on top of an orange sheet
Hayley & Ryan's Invitations
We drew inspiration from vintage handkerchiefs with a dash of Mexican colours to create this iconic invitation set with multiple cards, allowing the couple flexibility in managing the guest list for their various celebrations, while making sure each guest was able to receive this special envelope. These marvellous invitations are letterpress printed on a mix of colourful papers and enclosed in a custom envelope with a zipper perforation.
a hand holding a bunch of white coasters with names and numbers on them in front of a black background
a close up of a piece of paper with a hole in it
Design & Practice - Creative Agency Amsterdam
an orange and silver plate with a knife sticking out of it next to a box
Design & Practice – Creative Agency Amsterdam
the front cover of a book with an image of a stone slab in it's center
a purple book with the word france on it
a red envelope with a black and white sticker on the front that says wine journal
Wine Journal
Wine Journal on Behance
three different colored cards with the words hello there on them
Writing set, Colorplan + Extract.
two business cards with the words drawing room and an orange circle on one side that says the drawing room
Julia Kostreva / Waves Print
an orange and purple piece of paper with a poem written on the inside of it
SLAB TOWN COFFEE Red Packet - CD Packaging
an open thank you card in a box
Muted Slate Stationery Paper Goods ✨