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Around the World with Brands

Nowadays travelling is more popular then ever and it is not hard to 'stay alive' using well-known, international brands. However, the funnier thing is to try something new ... If you still like to feel a little bit safer, use products I found during my travels.
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You can run, you can hide, but you will never escape ... the sweets! While I was visiting the UK I found Galaxy Minestrels in one of Bracknell's supermarkets. It was/is love at first sight. Chocolate kernel is covered with hard sugar to stop melting in the hand - like in M&M's, however, the filling is a lot softer and I'm sure that there is more milk inside. If you like milk chocolate buttons, you must give Minstrel's a chance!

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il-Belt Valletta | Valetta

The capital city of Malta - beautiful Valletta is full of tourists, baroque architectural masterpieces and sun. OK, it depends on the weather, however, usually the place is full of sun and most of the time very hot. To make this conditions more affordable, Maltin (people of Malta) created Kinnie - the most popular soft-drink on Malta. The drink is a blend of chinotto bitter oranges and aromatic herbs & spices. It may not sound good, but I can assure you that it's better than you expect…

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You may say that the most important achievement of Italian cooking is pizza or pasta. You might be right, however, don't underestimate sweet breakfasts. OK, French people have their croissants, but I believe that brands like 'Mulino Bianco', even if everything is manufactured, are better. And we have a wider variety of cookies from MB.

Praha | Prague (Praha)

Studentská pečeť is one of the best known brands from Czech Republic. I believe that only beer has better PR than this chocolate. Some people believe that it's too sweet, however, from my point of view it's perfect. Milch chocolate is always sweeter than dark one and this one consist of jellies, rosins and peanuts. Yummy!


Honestly I don't remember who gave me a little, suspicious-looking jar with BROTAUFSTRICH BÄRLAUCH for the first time. Now this is must-have for all my friends visiting Germany. The white cream smells like garlic, but the taste is softer. I prefer it on breed, however, you can mix it with yoghurt to create tasty dip.


If you planning to visit Poland, don't miss the opportunity to see Kraków - Unesco's City of Literature. Beautiful City full of nice people where you can buy Paluszki (salty snacks, good to accompany beer or wine but also tasty itself). The most popular brand is called 'Lajkonik' and is also one of the unofficial symbols of the city.