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Hello friends you hv also heard about tesla who was great inventor.i m going to make his device for collecting energy from air.for make this device you will need these things. 4 diodes a capacitor aluminum foil piece of card board some wires

world technical: 5A Power Supply 1.2-25V

The core of the power supply circuit is The scheme circuit power supply with adjustable output voltage from to Constr.

Miskatonic Institute of Technology: PC power supply modification. ATX PSU hack with regulated variable voltage and LCD voltmeter.

I needed a PSU (Power Supply Unit) for my electronics projects, so I modified an old ATX PSU (computers' power supply unit). It outputs a to.

Bench PSU Power Supply from Old ATX with Arduino and LCD Monitor

Hello all and welcome to my first Instructable.I've always wanted a bench PSU for easy access to a power source, and something that I can rely on when working on various projects. I wanted a PSU that: