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Never use the 6 steps checkout process – combine it in one step on the same page with Magento extensions, which are created by our GoMage company! https://www.gomage.com/extensions/gomage-lightcheckout.html

The realization of this protocol can be found in GoMage SEO Booster. What does it mean? It means that you should not do anything manually and GoMage SEO Booster extension uses this Open Graph Protocol and helps you to output your site in the social networks without any efforts. The only thing you should do is to enable this functional by clicking on the Enable/Disable button: https://www.gomage.com/extensions/gomage-seo-booster.html

One of the fresh Magento extensions that is being developed at the moment is GoMage SEO Booster. One of the useful features of this significant Magento extension is that the plug-in adds Canonical URL Meta Header to your pages. It saves your site from being penalized by the search engines such as Google, Yandex, Yahoo and so on. https://www.gomage.com/gomage-seo-booster/

GoMage team is happy to see these new releases at the eCommerce market and always glad to help the customers to upgrade their Magento Installations to the last versions. We are proud of the fact that our customers can use our GoMage extensions with the last Magento releases: https://www.gomage.com/extensions.html

The feed file is easily generated with the GoMage Feed Pro extension. It is a harmless extension which never conflicts with other third party extensions. It takes the information from your Magento and generates the feed file for you. Then it uploads this file to the Google Shopping account. You can see the advantages of it: creating feed files, generating them automatically and also uploading them automatically (the first time you should do it manually).

Nobody likes a long checkout process. Sometimes it can frighten customers and they will prefer to postpone the purchase for another day. The merchant will not like such a perspective. And if you are not a fan of Magento default One Page Checkout process, you should look for an alternative to replace it with something outstanding and incredibly useful: GoMage LightCheckout extension version 5.5

GoMage SEO Booster extension GoMage SEO Booster is a Helpful Magento eCommerce that Improves the Performance of Your Store on the Search Pages such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. GoMage SEO Booster can optimize the key phrases, URLs, canonical links, frontend site map and improve your Magento Store using other amazing features. If you are interested, investigate our SEO Booster page in order to be informed about GoMage new release: https://www.gomage.com/gomage-seo-booster/

GoMage themes are developed as to the best Magento practices and help you to improve your Magento store for customers: https://www.gomage.com/themes.html

GoMage themes are developed as to the best Magento practices and help you to improve your Magento store for customers: https://www.gomage.com/themes.html

GoMage Advanced Navigation is an excellent extension to create a navigation, increase your traffic and sales. Moreover, your Magento sites is indexed faster by Search Engines and rated highly if you use the procedure of simplifying a product search.