Delicious Veggie Recipes.......Although some may include meat/meat products, they are easily adaptable, using plant based alternatives.
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a black bowl filled with lots of food
Butternut Biryani
a white plate topped with a quiche covered in spinach and other toppings
Spring pie | Vegetables recipes | Jamie magazine
an overhead view of a pie on a marble surface with a red napkin sticking out of it
Summer veg blanket pie | Jamie Oliver vegetable recipes
A brilliant summer vegetable pie recipe from Jamie Oliver's new book Veg, and TV programme, Jamie's Meat-Free Meals. The combination of preserved lemon, saffron, harissa, and crispy layered filo is seriously good.
a pie sitting on top of a white table next to a red napkin and fork
Jamie Oliver's Summer Veg Blanket Pie with Preserved Lemon, Saffron, Harissa, Crispy Layered Filo and Yoghurt
a white bowl filled with riso and garnished with parsley on top
Roasted tomato risotto | Jamie Oliver vegetable recipes
Roasted tomato risotto | Jamie Oliver vegetable recipes
a white plate topped with rice and beans
Pumpkin rice | Jamie Oliver vegetarian rice recipes
a person dipping some kind of food into a bowl
Incredible Gochujang Sauce
a person is cutting into a sandwich with a knife and fork on a white plate
Roasted black bean burgers | Jamie Oliver burger recipes
a white bowl filled with tacos covered in guacamole, corn and salsa
Smoky Beans and Greens Tacos with Aji Verde
an egg and tomato flatbread on a white plate with red pepper sprinkles
Breakfast flatbread recipe | Jamie Oliver egg recipes
Broccoli and Mushroom Stir-Fry
Please, click on the link above ( to see the full recipe and instructions. Happy cooking!
a glass bottle filled with green liquid next to two jars full of leaves and herbs
Wild garlic pesto and oil ⋆
Wild garlic pesto and oil ⋆Anne's Kitchen
wild garlic pesto, fresh and frozen by julia dymukk - smith
Wild Garlic Pesto Two Ways: Quick, Easy & Delicious | Tin and Thyme
Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe Two Ways. How to make it, what to do with it and how to freeze it. So versatile. Works with pasta, mixed into rice or other grains and spread on bread or crackers. Also good for seasoning soups and sauces. Can be frozen for using when the spring wild garlic season is long past. #TinandThyme #WildGarlic #PestoRecipe #ForagingRecipe #SpringRecipe