Joanna Koryciarz-Kitamikado

Joanna Koryciarz-Kitamikado

Joanna Koryciarz-Kitamikado
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金継ぎ (kintsugi) or 金繕い (kintsukuroi) is a Japanese craft art of repairing broken ceramics and pottery. It uses urushi lacquer and gold powder.

Keuchi project is almost done now. I drew karakusa pattern on the polished gold surface and sprinkled gold last month. Last weekend, I painted the raw urushi lacquer and wiped it off. Raw urushi helps gold to adhere on the surface. I am.

Celadon glazed tea bowl, 13th century, repaired with staples!

Ch 'I will reattach the skull fragment with the staples that are used to mend ceramics once Mr Darcy regains consciousness." This pic - Celadon glazed tea bowl, century, repaired with staples.

Tea bowl, unknown Raku ware workshop, 19th century, Japan /// Kintsugi is the Japanese wabi-sabi art form that involves repairing broken pottery with lacquer, and sometimes even with gold. So if you've broken something ceramic that you truly love, despair not - it can be restored, and made even more beautiful.

Tea bowl, unknown Raku ware workshop century Dosai Edo period Raku-type clay with Black Raku glaze; gold lacquer repairs H: W: cm Japan cracks are to be learn