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Monika Pogorzelska
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Mix It Up in a Can Bottom

What is Epoxy? Boat What is Epoxy? Boat builders surfboard makers and fabricators of all kinds use epoxy every day to form strong waterproof lightweight structures. And you can take advantage of this versatile group of products around the home too.

Because - sorry - there really was no detail before. I promised a reader that I'd do a cost breakdown of the ottoman I made, as well as a...

Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business: diy: tufted ottoman, in more detail

Illustration: Gregory Nemec | | from How to Build a Storage Ottoman

Don't quite need the ottoman but this might work for the bench I'm looking to do. How to Build an Upholstered Storage Ottoman. This gives you the measurements of every piece of wood and fabric along with a list of what tools you will need.