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My own personal pick of the amazing guitars, effects, talent and gear relating to my passion for all things MUSIC!!
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The LM-2 was targeted towards guitar players but feedback from the market told the Boss engineers that it was more often bass players that was using it. When the second generation limiter was launched, it was labeled Bass Limiter to make it clear that this was for bass use.
Not one, but two narrow filters sweep your tones under control of the envelope, generating very unique vocal-like sounds. A distortion switch enriches the harmonics. The response control varies the sweep range determined by your attack. Not only designed for and great on bass guitar, but also very funky on guitar.
Krytical Mass® spits out fat, formidable fuzz with a pronounced octave up as well as a more subtle octave down and a scorching, filter-like sweep on sustained notes. Muted notes will “kill” the fuzz with almost gate-like precision, yielding a super-tight, synth-like pulse that is simply addictive to play.

Bass Effects

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This rig is pretty special!!
The SPRING algorithm is a re-creation of the classic spring reverbs that are found in many guitar amplifiers. The HALL algorithm simulates the reverberations heard in large spaces such as a concert hall or cathedral. The PLATE algorithm is an emulation of a metal plate reverb commonly found in high end recording studios during the 1960s and ‘70s. The PLATE reverb is a very smooth, tonally balanced sounding reverb that sounds great on many different instruments, especially vocals.
With its mind-bending range and kaleidoscopic pitch effects, the studio-grade BRAINWAVES PITCH SHIFTER is the perfect fusion of brains and brawn. This pink-clad pitch professor masters a variety of polyphonic effects including whammy and detune, plus a bunch of others – thanks to the dedicated TonePrint app.

Guitar Effects - Electric & Acoustic

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Acoustic guitars are a popular choice for many guitarists because of their versatility and rich, full sound. If you’re looking to add your own personal touch to your acoustic guitar, there are a few easy ways to do so. In this article, we’ll show you how to decorate acoustic guitar in a way that is both stylish and unique.
So your guitar is dead. Humidity has bent the wood, heat has melted the glue and you dropped it down the stairs as a you were running from screaming fans — or just knocked it off the table while you were reaching for your water. What do you do now? Here are five ways to recycle your broken guitar giving your busted instrument a new lease of life.
A Nash Guitar is a professional grade instrument that can be both taken out on the road and played in the studio. The high-end electronics make the Nash a great recording guitar. The sophisticated aging make it road worthy and comfortable to play all night in clubs or in concerts.

Acoustic Guitars

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I get lots of questions about how to do various things on the bass guitar but, the reality is that there are lots of areas that come together to make you a great musician. This guide contains one hundred ideas that will make you a better player. Save this post, give it a good read and get ready to become a better bass player!
A unique cross between upright bass and electric bass guitar have best qualities of both parental instruments. It has an absolutely “upright” sound in a compact body that fits a regular bass guitar gagbag. 34 Inch scale provides comfortable playing in all positions and an ability to use any type of bass guitar strings.
Meazzi Guitars were produced in Milan, Italy, in the 1960s by the Meazzi brothers. The Meteor Bass was produced between 1964 and 1969 and came in one and two-pickup versions, the Meteor Bass I and the Meteor Bass Extra respectively.

Bass Guitars

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Millions of people around the world play guitar, and when you have an instrument that is just So. Darn. Popular… you get to choose from loads of guitar tips to help you on your way.
Somebody recently pointed out that we’ve missed electric guitar out of our 50 tips series! How could we?! Particularly since I’m predominantly an electric player and its clearly God’s chosen instrument too… So here goes.
The electric guitar is a staple of popular music, serving as the guiding voice behind countless genres, from old-school rock ‘n’ roll to modern metal and many more. Today, there are more diverse offerings for electric guitars than ever before, so narrowing down the one for you can be tricky. But don’t fear — Sweetwater has you covered with our list of some of the coolest electric guitars available right now!

Electric Guitars

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