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GDD 2014 / 30+ / Our swings and a couch / fot. 3citizens

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"THE ACADEMY OF MR TECHNIC" project for Gdynia Design Days 2015. An interactive exhibition and workshop designed as a home of Mr Technic, mostly for children, which connects science, experiments and fun. / plywood minimal design exhibition installation / designed by Grupa Gdyby / fot. szajewski.com

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TARG WĘGLOWY 2014 / The square filled with some mobile modules of urban furniture and vegetation / fot. szajewski.com

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WOMEX 2014 / The ceiling composition was created from circular shades which by colour and form reminded of a polish folk costumes. The counter is a modern interpretation of polish sideboard.

WOMEX 2014 / The stand attracted lot of attention. The visitors could not only have a conversation with polish folk music artists, but also hear their music live, when the stand spontaniously transformed into a music scene.

TARG WĘGLOWY 2013 / The citizens had an opportunity to eat breakfast together, spend the day on reading, relaxing and playing games and in the evening - watch a movie / fot. D. Werner

ECS' opening 2014 / Big urban asimetric tables with industrial reels as stools / fot. szajewski.com

TARG WĘGLOWY 2014 / fot. szajewski.com

ECS' opening 2014 / The info pavilions with rope inscrptions and semi-translucent walls made of perforated steel sheets / fot. szajewski.com

TARG WĘGLOWY 2013 / top view / The arrangement consists natural grass areas which create "rooms" and gather people together in their own cosy spaces / fot. W. Ostrowski

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