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the lobby is clean and ready for customers to use
Apropos Concept Store in Hamburg by Rodolphe Parente & Benjamin Liatoud.
an indoor planter with plants in it and the words, inspirationation l'ere vegetale
L'ère Végétale | MUR VEGETAL SANS ENTRETIEN | Plantes stabilisées
a wooden and metal object on a black background
a tall metal tower with gold squares on it's face and bottom part, against a gray background
a large round metal object in an airport
Metal Column Cover Solutions - Moz Designs | Architectural Products + Metals
a lamp that is sitting on top of a wooden table in front of a wall
Weston - Joseph Dirand Architecture
an escalator in a modern building with white walls
Looking Into The Future | Indesign Live: Interior Design and Architecture
a man is standing in the middle of a room with white furniture and large columns
The Santander International Entrepreneurship Center | Office Snapshots
a large round building with a plant in front of it
Moz Designs Home - Moz Designs | Architectural Products + Metals
two large speakers sitting next to each other in an airport
Stainless steel column cladding manufacturer in Ahmedabad Surat Vadodara Rajkot Bhavnagar Anand Gandhinagar Gujarat silvassa
Metallica, Metal Panels, Round Column, Metal Mesh, Decorative Metal Sheets, Metal Bar
Moz Designs Home - Moz Designs | Architectural Products + Metals
colorful glass partitions in the middle of a room
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a large stack of blocks sitting in front of a building
Cladding Systems
an empty room with tall wooden pillars and carpeted floors, in the middle of a building
Interior Pillar Design Photos Pictures Of Columns In Living Room Modern Architectural Column Designs Best Images On Pinterest Hotel Lobby Exterior House - Front Porch Pillars Design Are Columns Used
the lobby is clean and ready to be used for business purposes, as well as hotel decor
Modern - Spazio Interior Design & Fit Out Company - Dubai
a large metal sculpture in the middle of a room with chandeliers hanging from it's ceiling
a tall pillar in the middle of an empty building
an empty room with columns and round windows
Gallery of Tamina Thermal Baths / Smolenicky & Partner Architecture - 11
Galería de baños termales de Tamina / Smolenicky & Partner Architecture - 11
people are walking around in the lobby of an office building with circular ceilings and silver columns
a room filled with white vases and lights
3D Column Concept Design 124
3D Column Concept Design 124 #Concept, #Column, #Design
a spiral staircase in the middle of a room with two doors on either side and one door open
Have no idea what is it, but I'd like to have such column at home, or just sculpture..
the interior of a modern building with glass walls and white sculptures in front of it