Wojtek Gawroñski
Wojtek Gawroñski
Wojtek Gawroñski

Wojtek Gawroñski

Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Wojtek

빵터졌네 by kimoon Kim, via Behance

네! 카드로 긁으면 잘 지워져요. http://typo-yj.tumblr.com/

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who kills graphic design.

anbaradan pink ddition per la notte in giro ... · who kills graphic design.

Ellen Lupton’s top ten favorite typographic posters of all time | Typorn.org

Language is tricky; Internet is universal: let's make it easy.Designing an identity system for the 5th Annual Lovie Awards, we had the hard task to showcase culture, power and awesomeness while transmitting the core values of award show:"The Lovie Awar…

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2 Vintage McDonald's Character Plastic Cups from 1978 Ronald+Hamburgler

1979 McDonald's SHAMROCK SHAKE Cup w/ "Uncle O'Grimacey"