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KAPHA Fruits & Vegetables - Ayurveda states that a person should choose his diet depending on his dosha. So, a person in whom the Kapha dosha is dominant should eat diet, which will pacify the Kapha dosha. Here are some suggestions on which fruits and veggies to include and which to avoid in a kapha balancing diet.

Dumpster Diving at it's finest! See how a thrown out cabinet is transformed into an upcycled barnwood style sideboard. upcycledtreasures.com

modern jane: Back Porch Refresh.

Приятно когда торт не только очень вкусный, но и выглядит потрясающе. Как говорит чемпион Франции Гийом Мобие "Покупает глаз". Этот рецепт глазури стал…

Irish Chocolate Pots de Creme - The most decadent, silky smooth, to-die-for dessert that only takes 5 minutes to throw together. My husband thinks it's the best chocolate dessert I've ever made!