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Question and Answer Question: Can capitalism develop without destroying the nature and natural resources? Answer: No, cannot. The ultimate goal of capitalism is maximum profit at the expense of constant expansion of CONSUMPTION. In other words, capitalism creates a surplus amount of goods that is not necessary for nations.

Question: Is it possible to equate fascism and communism as do Western propagandists? Answer: No, already by two reasons: 1. Fascism is a dictatorship of capital or financial elites, that is, the minority. Communism is the dictatorship of the working people, that is the majority. 2. Fascism is based on total inequality. Fascism has super people (exceptional) and subhuman. Communism is based on the universal (for the majority) equality and fraternity.

Question: Is Obama a Socialist or a Communist as often reported in the Western press or say some journalists? Answer: No, it is not! Some of the social programs uses and capitalism too. Such programs have begun to use of capitalist countries for balance of contrast of the USSR (socialist system) in 40 years to create the illusion of the middle class and the illusion of prosperity. With killing of the USSR and the building of a fascist global system…

Question: What is fascism? Answer: Fascism is the open form of the dictatorship of capital, based on the inequality - social, ethnic, religious, etc.

Question; is a dictatorship every democracy? Answer: Yes, a democratic states is a dictatorship always! The dictatorship need for the suppression of one class (which power is not at present) by other (rich) Under slavery - state is a machine of suppression of slaves. read more

Question: why would the financial elite conducted the de-industrialization of the rest of the world? Answer: de-industrialization will allow them to destroy the working class. They know that the working class is the gravedigger of capitalism. The working class is concentrated in industry. Therefore destroying of the industry and atomization of working class financial elites can achieved their goal - they can kill their gravedigger.

Q: What is socialism? A: Socialism is the lowest stage of communism. This period of transition from capitalism to communism. Socialism can be compared to immature apples. Socialism retains vestiges of capitalism. Socialism still needs the state to carry out its protection against counter-revolution. ‪#‎socialism‬ ‪#‎communism‬ ‪#‎state‬ ‪#‎capitalism‬ ‪#‎Questions‬ ‪#‎Answers‬

Question: when will disappear wars on the Earth? Answer: imperialism pregnant of war. War it's new colonies, new markets, new slaves ( cheap, gratuitous labour), huge money and power. Therefore, war will disappear only when will not imperialism on the Earth! On photo The world without wars is a ideal of socialim - Lenin ‪#‎wars‬ ‪#‎imperialism‬ ‪#‎World‬ ‪#‎socialism‬ ‪#‎peace‬