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IBUg, un festival street art rugissant à Limbach-Oberfrohna en Allemagne !© Robby Schulze #momondo

The best street art festivals across the globe this summer. Whether in Ibiza, Copenhagen or Montreal – they put the art in party with these creative events

Street Art By Seth Globepainter

French street artist Julien Malland, otherwise known as Seth Globepainter, creates colorful street art all around the world. His large scale murals most frequently depict children and are bursting with colors. Malland often collaborates with local artists

Something new from Martin Whatson in Miami for Smashed Canvas #streetartnews #streetart @martinwhatson @wynwoodmap

Graffiti, street art, Urban art, art, community art - I really like this piece of art because it has a lot of meaning behind it. It shows a blank wall that is being torn apart and behind it is so much color that is hidden.

Patrick commecy

Maine stream gradually evolved into a separate orientation of art as - street art. More and more in the different cities we meet works of sidewalk artists