Agnieszka Jasińska

Agnieszka Jasińska

Agnieszka Jasińska
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Put This Infographic in Your Wallet to Know What to Do When Bad Things Happen

When you get pulled over, mugged, have an accident, or encounter some other emergency situation, it's hard to remember what to do. This infographic can help you remember if you put it in your smartphone or print it out to keep in your wallet.

How to prepare your car for winter #infographic #carsafety

Is your car prepared for winter’s slippery roads? What about foot-deep snow, or icy bridges? How will your car deal with freezing temperatures, or the corrosion of excess moisture? Prepare your car for the winter ahead today.

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Just what exactly impacts your auto insurance premiums? From age, to gender, to marital status (and even which browser you use to compare rates!), demographics make a difference.