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Gabriela Stachura
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#wattpad #fanfiction "What, I'm a kind of your special secret that no one can know?" asked Jimin joking around.  Jungkook chuckled. "Kind of."

Jimin: Are you picking a fight, Kookie? Jungkook: *playful sneer* Jimin: *pushed against door* (oh my, Jikook?) Jungkook: *sends stick flying at Jimin* Me: and this is why I love BTS

Leia ∆ Jimin ∆, da história React Kpop , de HenriqueBong, que tem 1,084 leituras. bts, monstax, btob. *Vocês estão em u...

-Profesor Park, por favor no me repruebe haré lo que sea. -Maldita se… # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad<--- I can already see where that fic is going 😓

Santo Toddynho agitado! Taehyung de óculos é a minha morte!

How do you move your head like that? Also this is such a cute dance move, tae makes it cuter 😋💕