"Well it's not very good, is it?" Hermione, I love you.

Some of you have been waiting a long time for this news: Justin Bieber was arrested this morning. Bieber—who was driving a rented Lamborghini at the time, NBC Miami reports—was busted on.

Kliknij i zobacz więcej!

Kliknij i zobacz więcej!

Harry potter. This was the most annoying thing about the movies. Lily's eyes are supposed to be green, as are Harry's. Then in the movie, instead of making Lily's eyes blue to match Dan's, they pick a brown eyed girl. How dumb!

They should have used colored contacts! I mean for seven years he was told he had his mothers eyes but when we see Lily in the final book they're different.And his eyes are supposed to be green,they never said he had his mother's GREEN eyes in the movie.

nie ma tu co opisywac #losowo #Losowo #amreading #books #wattpad

Memy,które śmieszą 😂

nie ma tu co opisywac

Radosne słowa Voldemorta XDDDDD

Radosne słowa Voldemorta XDDDDD

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