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a woman with blue and red feathers on her body is posing for the camera,
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‘Mind-Blooming’ Collages Mashes Up Girls And Flowers To Stunning Effect -
a woman in a bathing suit is surrounded by birds and flowers, with her arms stretched out to the side
Photographic Bodies Injected with Floral Oddities by Rocio Montoya • Brown Paper Bag
Photographic Bodies Injected with Floral Oddities by Rocio Montoya
a painting of a woman with flowers in front of her face and hands on her chest
Collector Of Beautiful Words — Mandy Richardson (Mandyland)
a woman's head with clouds floating over her face
Pretty Dresses in the Laundry
❁ pinterest: @craicofdawnn
a woman is standing in front of an image of dolphins and other animals with her umbrella
Strength vs. Fragility
Fashion collaboration project with photographer Yin Chao and Editor Ujin Zhao for Chinese fashion magazine Vision. These collages were inspired by the work of the late Lee Alexander McQueen for a special edition issue about the talented fashion designer. Ashkan Honarvar has incorporated various aspects of the designer’s work into this series, such as McQueen’s fascination with animals and motion, and the apparent contradiction between strength and fragility.
a black and white photo of a person upside down
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a drawing of a woman with her eyes closed next to a large green leafy plant
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Foliage Woman - AGATA WIERZBICKA - Lumarte - art online