Gaasaku are F**king Perfect

Uploaded on my new account too, this is for the gaasaku fans After all the trouble rendering, losing parts, and deleing music.

GaaSaku - You Lost Me (LKS Audition R1)

GAASAKU EVERYONE ! we need to get this couple noticed ! its soo cute this couple heh xD i love it. aww imagin Gaara falling in love awww PANDA !

Gaasaku- Just the way you are

STORYLINE : Gaara is in love with Sakura the moment he see's her, which is at the begining of the chunin exams. he trys complimenting her but she just doesnt.

Gaasaku - Beside you

Dedicated to TakkaChaan, because she has to be the most obessesed Gaasaku fan i know hehe xD Yes we shall spread the love of Gaasaku ! so i hope you like it .

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