Full Moon Happy Hour by kikikun

DONT ASK, please dont all I can say is that its mostly an inside joke between me and because ya know, Shukaku needs love too and since we're going cross.

Gaara Hits Pubrety by kikikun on DeviantArt

OH MY FRIGGEN.Ok, yeah, I think Sheila's house is a giant joint lit on fire because well.

Parental Values by kikikun on DeviantArt

Yeah, we all have them and they're bound to come out one day today was Gaara's day! this is the prize for who won the 'Summer' contest in ^_^ hope she l. Parental Values

Naruto-Anatomy lesson by kikikun on DeviantArt

And so then both Gaara and Sakura lost their virgin eyes.

GaaSaku by kikikun on DeviantArt

GaaSaku, i'll be uploading 2 more Gaa/?