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Design, Animation, Manga, Bonito, Character Design, Chibi, Rat Girl
creds: saivurpeshu
Character Art, Art, Albedo, Character
a digital painting of a woman with blue hair
an anime character with long white hair and piercings on his chest, sitting in the grass
an anime character with blue hair wearing armor
scholar dottore
an anime character with blue hair wearing a mask
a white bird flying over a group of men in uniform with their backs to the camera
an anime character with grey hair and blue eyes
dottore fans wya
a man wearing a baseball cap and holding his hands up to his face with the word la on it
an anime character holding a bird in front of two black birds flying above her head
a woman with white hair is talking on the phone
two pictures of people with different outfits and hair styles, one is wearing a suit