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Igor Kołodziej

Igor Kołodziej
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İğrenç fahişe!!!!! Her şeyi bahaneyle agresyon yaratan adi yaratık!!!! Sen kimi korkutuyorsun... senin yüzünden yaşandı o ölüm!!!!!!!! Sizin evdeki ölüm de senin yüzünden yaşandı!!!!!! Hala devam ediyorsun!!, ben korkacam mı?????????

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Chanel Louis Vuitton Gucci Set of three gold by SashkaMashka

Chanel - Louis Vuitton - Gucci Set of three gold prints Chanel logo Louis Vuitton logo Gucci logo Fashion wall art Printable art Girl's gift

Hannibal @Chelsea Rose Elise

Mads Mikkelson plays Hannibal Lecter better than Anthony Hopkins, his portrayal is as a more subtle master of manipulation without the melodramatic theatrics

Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal ties...I am almost disturbed by how in love with all of these I am...ALMOST.

the suits and tie style details from the TV series Hannibal, costumes worn by Hannibal Lecter - so dapper. So style. Much tie.