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a tall black and gold cabinet against a white background
an open door in a room with wooden flooring and metal accents on the doors
a black door with two sidelights and a plant in the foreground on a patio
an elegant dining room with glass partitions
Compack 180 The Innovative Door Technology @Milcasastore
Say goodbye to traditional doors and hello to more space with the Compack 180 System! This innovative door technology provides a functional alternative that allows for more interior design freedom. Watch our video to learn how you can give your doors a 180° makeover with the Compact 180° Folding Door System and save space like a boss! #Compack180 #doorhardware #spacemakeover #milcasacompack #milcasastore #milcasaCompack180 Support@milcasastore.com https://Milcasastore.com/
a room divider with chandeliers and lights
The Power of Details | Unique Handles
Get inspired by these unique and sophisticated handles and take a look at our blog to find Pullcast's best selection! #pullcast #interiordesign #homedecor #modernhome #luxurydetails #jewelryhardware
an elegant bedroom with mirrored closet doors and chandelier hanging from the ceiling, along with a green tufted ottoman
the door is open and there are marble floors in front of it with gold trimmings
Burkovsky door - model VIRGIN
an ornately decorated room with mirrored doors and marble flooring
a white and gold bathroom with a mirror, stools, and vanity in it
the door is open and there are two handles on each side, with an abstract design
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