Fundacja Ad Hoc

Fundacja Ad Hoc

Warsaw, Poland
Fundacja Ad Hoc
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transmedia-activism-pga-transmedia-sf-producers-guide-to-the-galaxy by Elise Baugh via Slideshare

Innovent's Presentation at The Transmedia Producers Guide to the Galaxy Hosted by Transmedia SF & PGA in San Francisco. Presentation by Elise Baugh with Specia…

transmedia milestones Transmedia Rising (March 2011) por JWTIntelligence en Slideshare vía @Katrin Coetzer Campos

Transmedia is a buzz word that’s been in use for a while now, and the idea behind it goes back many decades.

storytelling rules

Andrew Stanton has many ideas, and he shared his expertise in his TED Talk, The clues to a great story. Below, see his golden rules of storytelling visualized by Karin Hueck and Rafael Quick of the Brazilian culture and science magazine Superinteressante.

Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey #storytelling

An excerpt from Action Philosophers adapting Joseph Campbell's universal "hero's journey" mythology into boardgame/comics form. The Hero's Journey

What is Conducttr

The importance of reaching your audience in a multi channel world - Transmedia Storytelling: Trends for 2014 by Robert Pratten via slideshare