Image 9 of 26 from gallery of AD Classics: Saint Benedict Chapel / Peter Zumthor. Photograph by Felipe Camus

Completed in 2011 in São Paulo, Brazil. Images by Nelson Kon. Located in central area of São Paulo, this building was erected in a small plot, embedded in a mixed-use neighborhood, known for its active.

One of the first big projects for the 2009 Pritzker Prize-winning architect Peter Zumthor was this protective pavilion built to cover the remains of two Roman buildings.

Multiplicity and Memory: Talking About Architecture with Peter Zumthor,Coira - Courtesy of Marco Masetti

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For the West Coast office of Brand New School, an advertising and interactive media studio, 1100 transformed two adjacent former auto repair shops into an open, collaborative work environment.

This shelter for Roman ruins in Gloucestershire, England is wrapped in slats of untreated larch so it will blend peacefully into the landscape over time

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