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there is a black velvet cake on the plate
Black Velvet Halloween Cake - The Epicurean Mouse
Black velvet Halloween cake is a two layer rich chocolate cake with a moist, velvety texture. It's filled with sweet blackberry compote and frosted with black cocoa buttercream. Fresh blackberries and chocolate skulls top this luscious cake, making it perfectly balanced and incredibly decadent.
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chocolate cherry brownies stacked on top of each other with cherries in the background
Roasted Cherry Brownies
1h 5m
soft chewy chocolate chip banana bars on a cooling rack with text overlay that reads soft chewy chocolate chip banana bars
Chocolate Chip Banana Bars - Soft, Chewy Squares
the best brownie butter espresso brownies
Brown Butter Espresso Brownies
Espresso brownies are loaded with rich coffee flavor! Thick and fudgy with extra gooey centers, these gourmet brownies taste like they just came from a high-end bakery.