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Romantic photos • self harm • depressed • depression • alone • sad • fat • ugly • suicidal • suicide • social anxiety • self hatred • madness • sadness • paranoid • dark • damaged • lost • lonely • punk • grunge — itsconsumingme: what did I do wrong?

Don't ignore me for so long, then as soon as I'm almost over you, come back and pretend like nothing happened. If you're going to ignore me, ignore me. I won't allow half-assers in my life

I'm nothing. No. My everything, you will never be nothing. You are not nothing. You are my everything. Please... Stop believing lies. I love you so much.

depressed depression lonely pain hurt eating disorder anxiety alone fat help self harm self hate cut cutter cutting Scar nothing insecure ignored important worthless mental illness liar scarred selfish bitter anxious overwhelmed mentally ill no-one