floral violet purple and aqua peacock navy blue velvet armchair accent chair--- modern bohemian boho interior design / vintage and mod mix with nature, wood-tones and bright accent colors / anthropologie-inspired chic mid-century home decor


Want organic cutting board collection on kitchen wall - bring warm woods into white kitchen.


Place in the Contest "Still Life" of "The Apple Tree Of Texture Group" - February 2012 Landis Village Museum, PA. Other "Still Life" photos here. Texture by Spektoral Addendum.


Day 538: I Didn’t Take Before Pictures

Big jars for flour and sugar. Pantry @ the Lodge - Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. DIY corkboard above the kitchen desk.

Cool new type of concrete made out of paper!

Papercrete is the ultimate building material for preppers, homesteaders, and off grid living enthusiasts. Not only is the building material incredibly inexpensive and Earth-friendly, it is also ext…


Looking for striking hallway decorating ideas? Take a look at this mid century inspired hallway from Ideal Home for inspiration. For more hallways ideas, such as how to decorate with geometric and monochrome, visit our hallway galleries

Woven living willow seat in Upton Grey Garden, Hampshire, England.

I would love to create a growing back and cover to one of the benches in the garden area. woven willow seat planted will root

A healthy home environment is vital to a person's well-being and houseplants contribute to it more than you might think. Their main benefit is air-filtering, so it sounds only reasonable that NASA did a Clean Air Study, that found which plants are effective at removing benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and ammonia from the air - chemicals that have been linked to negative health effects like headaches, dizziness, eye irritation, and others.

NASA Reveals A List Of The Best Air-Cleaning Plants For Your Home

NASA conducted a clean air study, and according to the study, these are the plants that are best suited to filter the air in your home. NASA conducted a clean air study, and according to the study,