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Freddy Zombie
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Five nights at freddy's

With your daily supply of nightmare fuel & feels in tow. So I asked askfoxythepiratestuff to draw a picture of the new animatronics ripping open the old animatronics and finding the.

Freddy... XD

โ€œ Okey I ship Bonnie and Chica and also I ship Foxy and Mangle sooo Freddy is the only one without a partner in his squad xD pfff the crew nights out will get ruined bc of THE DAMN COUPLES FUCK YOU LOVE โ€

[SFM][FNAF] Foxy x Toy Chica music video -

I made a music video about Foxy and Toy chica , i hope you like it :) Thank you for subs!

Freddy, Foxy, and Golden freddy. Those three are your enemies forever...

Im on the sixth night in the second game and i have to say, im never ready for freddy.