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sound visualized

Waves by Daniel Palacios-- A long piece of rope generates waves floating in space by the physical action of its movement, and simultaneously creates sound by cutting through the air.

alhazen book of optics - Google Search

The earliest known medical description of the eye, from a ninth-century work by Hunayn ibn Ishaq, is shown in this copy of a manuscript at the Institute.

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Medical - Diagram - Descartes [Vision and visual perception] Eye and vision diagram you can think and therefore you are. Scan of 2 d images in the public domain believed to be free to use without restriction in the US.

In 965 A.D., Al-Haytham discovered how our eyes see. He created a camera obscura, a box with a hole used for drawing an image precisely. He was among one of the first people to understand the concept of vision, an  idea that would not be rediscovered for many centuries. khefele

A Muslim physicist born in A. Alhazen pioneered experimental physics, founded the modern scientific understanding of optics, and invented the camera obscura--a device for projecting images--as shown in this illustration.

Robert Romanowicz

handmade by Robert Romanowicz, via Behance