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an image of two anime characters with the words univy baby in front of them
Pin by Yuki Misara on SoraMafu | Anime, Anime drawings boy, Anime art
Pin by Yami de on SoraMafu | Anime drawings boy, Anime, Anime art girl
two anime characters sitting on thrones with their arms crossed, one in black and the other in red
two animals that are next to each other on a dark background, one is biting the other's head
Lupine (@Imiswolfgirl) on X
a black and white phone case with an image of two birds on top of each other
Wolf and Raven by AwakenSchadow on DeviantArt
a black and white drawing of a dog holding a cat
꧁ℓყɳɳ .ℓσɓα꧂ | ،، RPG ٫٫؜ Amino
two black and white wolfs with their mouths open
The Fat Luna - 14| Heat
#wattpad #werewolf " I will give you a second chance mate. You may choose what you will like your mate to be like or look like. " The moon goddess says. I smile. " I don't mind, I just want a mate who is good for both me and the pack. " I say and she closes her eyes. " Very well. " She says, fading away. _~_~_~_ Lu...