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Be a jack

well technically "average" means they're average in relation to all others that have tried right? not just mediocre in general >>> true that. the things above would apply if it was 'mediocre' instead of 'average'.

This gif makes me crack up whenever I see it. I can't help it. It looks like he's at the door trick-or-treating or something.

Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy Gold" -Bill Cipher's message that he said super fast and that literally nobody understands.

the second gif loops perfectly to where the guy in the background basically turns into the front guy

Elliott Smith lyric from Between The Bars with background image. A6 card. Blank inside.

Elliott Smith lyric from Between The Bars with background image.

Vanitas no Carte | Memoir of Vanitas | Теории

Vanitas no Carte

The Case Study of Vanitas: What is love part 2/2 chapter 12

Noé is so cute, not understanding love. I high key ship them. These two are freaking OTP) ship these two.

you might have to move the image around and look in the clouds it is really easy to see

I was told that this is Hermione and Victor Krum are in the sky, but I didn't see that. However, there is something SUPER creepy in the sky. Once you get to the street view, look in the sky to your left.