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5 Little Known Facts About the Bugatti Chiron | eBay

The Bugatti Chiron is the long-awaited replacement to the famous Bugatti Veyron, unveiled earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. This mid-engined, two-seated sports car was developed to travel at.

'Star of the show' #Koenigsegg one:1 Hypercar at Geneva. Click to see all.

Koenigsegg Hypercar This car is able to produce of power (One megawatt is enough for light bulbs. In the Pacific Northwest, it also is enough electricity to power about 600 homes.), as well being able to have 1 hp for every kilo the car weighs.

The Ferrari FXX K

What the FXX K Say hello to this bad boy, the Ferrari FXX K — a hardcore LaFerrari built for the track