Mariusz Busiło

Mariusz Busiło

Mariusz Busiło
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Post Apocalyptic Costume, Post Apocalypse, Gas Masks, Airsoft Mask, Steampunk Mask, Tribal Clothing, Mad Max, Larp, Helmets, Collage Vintage, Combat Helmet, Apocalypse, Armors, Headpiece, Weapons, Mascaras, Costumes, Fantasy, Outfits, End Time, Masks, Workshop, Hard Hats, Motorcycle Helmet

Post Apocalyptic Costume, Fear Factory, Larp, Cosplay Costumes, Post Apocalypse, Female Warriors, Mad Max, Armours, Rust, End Time, Armors, Warrior Women, Suit Of Armor

Wasteland Warrior, Post Apocalyptic Costume, Dystopia Rising, Airsoft Gear, Post Apocalypse, Shadowrun, Larp, Armors, Cyberpunk, Sculpture, End Time, Body Armor, Armor Concept, Armours

I created weapon design for my personal project "Corrupt" and I added free PSD on gumroad. For a long time trash and scrap metal accumulated in my village, and finally I decided to use it in my work Here's the link to my gumroad