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Our team

Marcin Seń Instructor Creator of a positive confusion. His charming smile will take out any worries of entering the tunnel. He is always happy to help, and Marcin’s priority in the tunnel is keeping you safe. As a skydiving instructor and tandem pilot, he knows what he is talking about, so it’s worth listening him.

Adrian Ślesicki Instructor Although he has started his adventure with flying not so long ago, he is already infecting others with his energy and passion for flying. He loves his job and having fun. His whole life Adrian has been surrounded by sport – was snowboarding for years, he is a swimming instructor, but he says that nothing beats flying. If you meet him in the tunnel, you can feel safe and be sure that it is going to be FUN.

Matiss Liepins Instructor Crazy Latvian, who backpacks half the world, finally settling in Warsaw. Until now, he has been working for a tunnel in China, so he has plenty of stories about how to fly on the other side of a globe. In every country he has been travelling to, he was sharing the positive energy and now he decided to share it with polish community.

Gordon Hodgkinson instructor Our passionate British instructor specialises in Formation Skydiving (FS) coaching, and also loves teaching first-time flyers. Before joining us in Warsaw, Gordon has been living in Ireland for 8 years and is now loving coaching and organising events for Polish skydivers. His experience will help everyone fasttrack their skills, his passion will inspire you, and his patient and humble approach will keep you relaxed whilst pushing your skills to new levels.

Erietta Tasoula Instructor: The nicest and most humble person in the world. Don’t be fooled by her innocent looking face and tiny body posture. This Greek girl is European Water Skiing Champion and Greek National Kite surfing Champion, also a skydiver and a surfer. Erietta is so full of energy that she can’t sit still, and Flyspot is very happy that some good wind blew her to Warsaw, that became her new home.

Dane Baird Instructor: Younger, but on a good path as his brother Tyler. He specializes in „first time” tunnel flyers and everyone who begins their adventure with flying can feel very safe in his arms. Dane’s smile makes everyone happy, and his skills will surprise most of you. He got the experience working for the tunnel in Finland, and now he has decided to share it with polish flyers.

Kasia Bereska Instructor: Optimistic, full of positive energy and happiness. Loves sport and that’s why going to physical university was an easy choice. Sailor, scubadiver, swimming instructor, lifeguard, physiotherapist and now it’s time for WIND. Always in motion, very happy to face new challenges and adventures!

Tyler Baird Chief instructor: smiling Aussie living in Poland. He can teach even the most stubbern ones how to fly with the big smile on his face. His favourite word that every single student will hear is ‘Awesome’. Very professional, passionate for tunnel flying, skydiving and coaching. Be careful – his energy and love to the tunel is contagious and meeting with Ty will most likely cause addiction to flying!