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Salmon Alfredo
Salmon Alfredo
a person pouring milk into a pie on top of a metal pan covered in apples
French Apple-Custard Pie
the best coleslaw dressing is in a glass bowl with carrots and lettuce
Coleslaw Dressing Recipe - Kristine's Kitchen
a cake with fruit on top and the words flourless yogurt cake above it
Flourless Yogurt Cake - Light, Fluffy, Tangy | Kitchen Frau
1h 0m
a person pouring liquid into a bowl filled with sliced apples
Disappearing Apple Pie recipe by Chefclub US original
King ribs with a cheesy potato surprise
King ribs with a cheesy potato surprise! These ribs are fit for royalty 👑😊 Ingredients : - Ribs - Bbq sauce - Spices - Potatoes - Provolone cheese - Cheddar Tools : - Skewers - Foil Check Out Chefclub Tv For More Ideas!
Stuffed Eggplant (meal-prep & dinner idea)
Stuffed eggplant is a delicious, easy, and versatile meal that will make you fall in love with this delicious vegetable.
Chocolate glazed Donuts (super easy, ready in 30 mins)
Easy Cake Donuts (30 min recipe)
This recipe is for oven-baked cake donuts raised with baking powder, without yeast. Whether you are a deep-fried cake donut or a yeast donut person, you cannot deny this oven-baked cake donut recipe's simplicity, taste, and versatility. You can whip up the batter in 2 minutes, plus our recipe is without eggs and easy to adapt for vegetarians and vegans. Cake donuts bake in 20 minutes, so you can make them last minute in less than half an hour, which is fantastic!