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Rory: the chillest person to every hit the TARDIS

Rory: the chillest person to ever hit the TARDIS--truth. except for that one time.'you're girlfreind isn't more important than the whole universe' PUNCHES OUT the doctor, "SHE IS TO MEE!" Rory is legit my favorite companion

Husband sent me these super cheesy Doctor Who jokes, I thought you guys might like them.

"Never turn down an offer of tea, it's rude..." Guys this is what started the Time War!!!!

WOULD YOU CARE FOR SOME TEEEEEEEE? [you read that in a dalek's voice] This is the most British picture l've ever seen. "never turn down tea if it's offered to you. It's impolite, and that's how wars start" The Doctor So this is how the time war started

How does the Doctor Who fandom remain sane during hiatus? We're timelords. Time is not the boss of us. And we learned from Amy, who waited 50 years then 2 then and Rory, who waited