Marcin Nikoniuk

Marcin Nikoniuk

Marcin Nikoniuk
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Chunky Pear and Applesauce Muffins | #muffins #applesauce #apple #breakfast

Chunky Pear and Applesauce Muffins. The hearty apple goodness, chunks of fresh fruit and a little nip of spice make these applesauce muffins completely irresistible!

Mini pumpkin pies. I have to make these this fall!

My family makes sweet potato pie instead of pumpkin. Much better. Mini pies are a great idea. Mini in a Muffin Tin. They make for perfect individual portions. These would be a great way to prepare your pie for dessert

Healthier Baked Cinnamon Spelt Doughnuts

Healthier Baked Cinnamon Spelt Doughnuts {Recipe} - The Chic Life (simple dessert recipes cinnamon)