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26 Jokes That'll Make "Sherlock" Fans Need A Little Lie Down

26 "Sherlock" Jokes That'll Make You Laugh Then Just Lie On The Floor Sobbing

If Benedict Cumberbatch met Sherlock<< I LOVE THIS

If Benedict Cumberbatch met Sherlock <---- Yeah, pretty much that would be just AWKWARD❤❤❤

Here Is Undeniable Proof That Mrs Hudson Is The Best Thing About "Sherlock"

When Mrs Hudson is held hostage in the apartment. 14 Times Mrs Hudson Was The Best Thing About "Sherlock"

High Sherlock drinking a Red Bull is one of my favorite things.

High Sherlock, drinking a Red Bull, giving Mycroft a cheers through a CCTV camera is one of my favorite things about The Lying Detective episode.

Benedict Cumberbatch Reenacts Otter Memes...omg I love it hahahaha

Funny pictures about Benedict Cumberbatch Reenacts Otter Memes. Oh, and cool pics about Benedict Cumberbatch Reenacts Otter Memes. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch Reenacts Otter Memes photos.

This might be the most adorable gif of them I've ever seen!!! Oh, it should be illegal to be so darn cute. Look at them. Look at Martin's posture. Darnit.

A wave from Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch." Martin is SUPER sassy, and Ben is so genuinely happy to wave to his fans.