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Myofascial Chain: Lines of the Arm

Myofascial Chain: Lines of the Arm. The connection from the back / spine out to the arms illustrates how stretching awakens the tissue and allows energy to travel through this chain.

Learn to breathe, roll,  and crawl- this article investigates why it is important and includes resources to educate yourself on the ins and outs of breathing, rolling, and crawling

Myofascial Chain: Deep Front Line. These diagrams have really opened my eyes up to how internal arts such as bagua zhang and xing yi Quan use the fascia.

There is a myofascial connection called the Superficial Back Line (SBL) that extends from the bottom of your toes, up the back of your body, and to the top of your head. Unfortunately, when most people treat back pain, they try to break the body down into separate segments and only treat the segment that hurts. […]

Here's an example of one structural fascia line that runs the entire length of the body called the posterior fascia line (PFL). To help you understand where it is and how it looks, imagine a piece of fried chicken with the skin on it. Just under and attac

Muscles of inversion and eversion #tibialis #peroneus ... see tried (imp)

Muscles of inversion and eversion . see tried (imp)