Tribal belly dance

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three women dressed in elaborate clothing with the words apsara written above their heads
Apsara | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a white mannequin with black and silver jewelry on it
KalivaTribalShop - Etsy
an assortment of coins and other jewelry on a blue tray in front of a woman's purse
This is such a beautiful set. Tribal/vintage style coin bra and belt set by Kita E.
an image of a necklace made out of coins and other metal items on display in a store window
Kuchi coin top
two bras are sitting on a table with beads and other items around them,
Stunning custom Belly dance bra with vintage Assuit and quality vintage metallic accents adjustable back cup is 12c Available from Bespoke Bindis via Facebook Instagram and Etsy
an angel wings necklace is displayed on the back of a chair with coins around it
Tribal bellydance coin bra by Kita E.
a woman is holding two pieces of black lace with silver chains and charms on them
the hat is covered in silver sequins and beads
the belt is adorned with metal flowers and coins
theverdantmuse - Etsy
Weirwood belt by the Verdant Muse- blood red petals, vintage hardware, square gillets & sparkly sari trim.
a white mannequin with lots of beads on it
cat tribal belt fringe
Jen tribal fusion bellydance Rachel Brice, Dancing Clothing, Belly Dancer Costumes, Dance Styles, Panel Skirt, Clothes Jewelry
Jen tribal fusion bellydance
three pieces of beaded jewelry sitting on top of a wooden table
Tribal fusion belt