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Random Inspiration 124

tumblr n1ir7qYg1A1r3yixdo1 500 Random Inspiration 124 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear

Ninja jump pose. That's legit. :D

today has been the worst day ever. the kid i was babysitting puked all over me. i had to take two showers, washing my hair three times ugh

Photo (observando)

Clouds at the tip top of the forrest. Gorgeous mountain shot via Tumblr.

I am a big fan of photography. I love taking photos of nature, animals and that. Everyone in nowadays have a phone of some sort which includes a camera. They probably like taking photos too. Everyone likes to take different photo's of different things just like I do.

What a beautiful picture imagine waking up with that view - how could your day start in any way other than amazing |

15 Tiny Tattoos You’re Going to Obsess Over

Sooo thinking about getting this! - 15 Tiny Tattoos You’re Going to Obsess Over via Brit + Co.

16 Sword Tattoo Designs and their Meanings

Exact area; it represents discrimination and the penetrating power of the intellect