Entertaining Angels

"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13:2
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an artistic painting of a woman with wings
Devotion for Day of March 27, 2015
a painting of a dog and an angel sitting next to each other
Angel Print Card, Greeting Cards 5 X 7, Blank Card, Guardian Angel, Stationery, Angel, Spiritual, Fine Art Cards, - Etsy
an angel sitting in front of a window with her back turned to the camera and looking out
Linprobable coup de Coeur
an angel painting with blue and white colors
an angel with wings is shown in black and white
Paint Me
an angel standing in front of a purple and yellow background
engel gemälde - Bing
a painting of an angel holding a heart in her hand and looking at the sky
DealCrafty Hug A Loving Angel Paint By Numbers Kit P17923, 18x24inch / 45x60cm-Without Framed
an angel painting with multicolored wings
Shop Angel Paintings, Posters & Prints - Ivan Guarderrama Art Gallery
a painting of an angel flying through the night sky with stars on its back and wings spread out
Arcángel Miguel
an angel painting with white wings and blue swirls on the bottom, holding her arms out
BrydenArt - Original Acrylic Paintings, Prints, Intuitive Angel Art - Etsy
an angel painting with glitters on it's wings in the dark night sky
ACEO Original Angel Painting Spiritual Inspirational Healing Energy CCArtist for sale
an oil painting of a woman in white dress
Streater Spencer | Artwork
an angel in the clouds with sparkles on it's wings and halo above her head
BrydenArt - Original Acrylic Paintings, Prints, Intuitive Angel Art - Etsy
ACEO Angel PRINT Hand Embellished with Glitter by BrydenArt on Etsy