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Jomsborg Ulflag by Georgia-may Farrar-webb, edited by Gesine Garz Photography

One of the most successful allies in the defense against the christian/frankish invasion, for the danish (jutish) vikings, was Nature! The fact that most of the Jutland Penisular was riddled with dangerous swamps, made passing of the cavallery, the franks relied on, impossible! The Norsemen however, were very familiar with fighting in such a terrain! IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT THE WAR BETWEEN THE CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES, AND THE VIKINGS, WAS STARTED BY THE CHRISTIAN ANTI-PAGAN CAMPAIGN!!!

The Saxons, led by elderman Odda, attacked the Danes while they slept and defeated the superior Danish forces, saving Alfred from being trapped between the two armies.


We had a happy chance to ask some questions to Rob Ferreira, famous American modeler, an outstanding master of rusty models. Rob was kind to share a lot of secrets and techniques! A very interesting story on creating abandoned, chipped and corroded.