Fisiel Krzak
Fisiel Krzak
Fisiel Krzak

Fisiel Krzak

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Unseen University Castle

Unseen University Castle - Discworld

Tablita tipo rompecabezas... genial!!!

Daft Wullie and Horace, the Lancre Blue cheese (Discworld)

13 Ramtop Witches by AndrewSalt on Devianart

Death is one of the coolest, and funniest, characters in the DiscWorld series.

Being Deaths Granddaughter means good cheekbones and looking great in a corset

deviantART: More Like Discworld -wallpaper- by ~barnsdale11

Terry Pratchett and the Discworld Paul Kidby (Oficial Ilustrator). Anywhere else, these two fellas might look scary as Hell. But then, this is the Discworld.