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The Shrinking Aral Sea - Uzbekistan

July 2001 For 50 years Soviet leaders diverted the rivers which feed the sea to irrigate cotton.

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Map of the shrinkage of the Aral Sea (Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan) between 1960 and

How cotton production has eradicated the Aral Sea and poisoned its workers.     Are our clothes toxic? Marci Zaroff, Eco-fashion pioneer, weighs in:

Cotton production in Uzbekistan has caused possibly the greatest environmental disaster of modern times and is poisoning the people of this totalitarian cent.

Evolution of Aral sea from 2000 to 2009.... Wake up call ?

Evolution of Aral sea from 2000 to Wake up call ?

Shipwrecks Of The Aral Sea

Ever since the Soviet Union diverted the rivers that flowed into the Aral Sea in the its coastline has been receding. Today, the arid desert land only harbors the remnants of dozens of shipwrecks.

Aral Sea Dust Storm by NASA Goddard Photo and Video, via Flickr

There are many lakes in this world, but not all of them are famous. We all know about the Caspian Sea, which is indeed one of the most famous lake in the world. But may be some people don't know that its not a sea but a lake, a salt water lake.

Era-Infinity Ocean (Aral Sea)

Era-Infinity Ocean (Aral Sea)