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Last Friday's Morton Grove Classic Car Show. Notice the Polish flag flying from this car. It's a 1960 Mikrus MR-300 that was manufactured in Poland. It uses a two-stroke engine, which the earliest models of the Volkswagen Beetle also utilized.

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Kubuś (Polish for "Little Jacob", but also the Polish name for Winnie the Pooh) was a Polish World War II armoured car and Armoured personnel carrier (APC), made by the Home Army during the Warsaw Uprising. A single copy was built on the chassis of a Chevrolet van and took part in the fights.

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Mikrus MR 300 and SFM Smyk B30

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Nysa (Poolse makelij)

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Unikatowe zdjęcie prototypowego samochodu typu furgon, skonstruowanego w Lubelskiej Fabryce Samochodów Ciężarowych w roku 1954. Pojazd powstał w oparciu o podzespoły samochodu ciężarowego Lublin 51 produkowanego w latach 1951-1958.

#fso #warszawa #car #vintage #Polish #wow

#FSO #Warszawa #car #vintage #Polish #wow