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Yellow Pearl: So what is your purpose? Spinel: I entertain my Diamond, i make my Diamond laught, im my Diamonds best friend, i ride my Diamond... Yellow Pearl: what?!
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we live in a society
Spinel Tag! | Steven Universe
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imagenes de steven x spinel ( stevinel ) 7w7 - imagenes.5
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imagenes de steven x spinel ( stevinel ) 7w7 - imagenes.10
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Yellowdiamond memes. Best Collection of funny Yellowdiamond pictures on iFunny
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I’ll Just Be In The Garbage
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SPINEL UNIVERSE SWAP AU) the beginning PART3 by Yomis1527540 on DeviantArt
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SPINEL UNIVERSE SWAP AU (part 1) by Yomis1527540 on DeviantArt
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SPINEL UNIVERSE SWAP AU (part 3) by Yomis1527540 on DeviantArt